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Our favourite tourist- destinations and some tips for hiking
without the claim of completeness…

bakony vasút

Bakony–Railway – runs between Veszprém and Győr
Either alone or in a team, either on foot or by bicycle, either with your dog you would like to go on a trip, train is ideal for you to take you to the starting-point of your trip. On your way you can enjoy unique natural beauties of Bakony Mountain!

Stops in Bakony Mountain: Eplény- Zirc- Porva-Csesznek- Vinye- Bakonyszentlászló- Bakonygyirót

Our offers for hiking: Vinye train-station, ’Stonecellar’(Kőpince)- spring, ’Stonecellar’(Kőpince)- cave, Viadukt(A monument of Railway-construction), Forest- school, Iron-bridge, Cuha-Valley, Porva-Csesznek train-station (6km)

One of the deservedly popular tourist destinations in High- Bakony Mountain is this 4-kilometer long, rocky valley . Its most beautiful part is Cuha –Valley Forest which means shelter for many plant- and animal- species.The other one is the footpath with a forest- classroom.  (Source: Túrautak.eoldal)

kopince_forras’Stonecellar’(Kőpince)- spring
The route starts in Vinye next to the fence of sawmill. Before entering the forest, we can find a footpath on the left. On this path you can arrive at Cuha-Valley. On the right the ’rock-niche’ of ’Stonecellar’(Kőpince)- cave can be found. If you cross Cuha-stream , you can taste water of ’Stonecellar’(Kőpince)- spring. (Source: Pann-túra)


Csesznek Castle
Our offers for hiking: Porva –Csesznek train-station – Károlyháza- Gézaháza – ’Stone-ditch’(Kőárok) – Csesznek- Lovászkút Hunter-house- Porva-Csesznek Train-station (16,5 km)

Castle-hill (’Vár-domb’) stands in the crossroads of more tourist-trails. On its ridge/top ruins of Csesznek Castle – built in the 13th century in Gothic style- can be seen. You can go up the castle- except for the winter months- from where the view is wonderful. (Source:

rómaifürdőRoman Bath
’Gaja’-stream is nearly 2 kilometres long, it has a gorge-valley with deep and steep walls and a waterfall. Between the falling high limestone walls , water flows down as a waterfall called Roman Bath. Besides the sight of gorge there is a geological curiosity called ’Savanyú Jóska ’-cave in the side of the valley, a tight spring-cave -started on the stream-level and a limestone formation (being destroyed) can be seen here. Nearby we can find ’Vadalmás’, also known as ’Szerelem Forrás’(Love-spring), too. (Source: Túrautak.eoldal).

The waterfall can be found on the national ’blue hiking route’, it can be approached in the most simple way from Bakonynána.


’Szentkút’- chapel, Jásd
The Christian ’Szentkút’ is older than 600 years. It is one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in our country. If you visit Jásd, it is worth visiting the other sights of the village: Avar- fortification, ruins of Csikling castle, Parish Church, Poós- mill, Poós –watermill which works as a museum today. You also have an opportunity to ride the horse. (Source: Já

tési szélmalom

Windmills in Tés
These windmills also give you a fascinating view from a great distance.’ Helt’-windmill worked till 1951 and it is also able to work today. 200 metres from it there is ’Ozi’-windmill which is also restored. If you are here, you should also be sure to visit the forge nearby. (source: Turautak.eoldal)
It is worth connecting this destination with hiking to Jásd.

kőrishegy’Kőris’ Mountain
Our offers for hiking: Bakonybél- ’Kőris’ Mountain- Zirc (19,4 km).

If we starts to ’Kőris’ Mountain, let’s prepare for a serious ascent. On the top of the mountain- on 709 metres high- we can enjoy the wonderful view climbed the lookout tower of Vajda Péter. Furthermore the white domed radar tower of the civil airspace –control radar station can be found here. It is an excellent ’orientating point’ from a great distance, too.


Our offers for hiking: Bakonybél, ’Boroszlán’ Footpath – ’Odvaskő’- cave (7km).

’Boroszlán’ Footpath – built on the side of ’Kőris’ Mountain- presents natural ( botanical, zoological and geological) values of High Bakony Mountain. On this way ’Odvaskő’-cave can be found , too.  (Source: Túrautak.eoldal)

borostyankut’Borostyán’ (Amber)-well, Bakonybél
Our offers for hiking: Bakonybél – Borostyán-well (Saint-well), Calvary – Hudi-lands – Halomány-mountain – Szömörke-valley, Hegyes-stone (2,8 km).

A beautiful chapel stands at this popular tourist destination which is 1 km from the village. There are the stations of the Cross (= Calvary) here. (It consists of 14 pictures.) Next to the chapel some stairs lead to a covered gorge . In front of it a sculpture of Mary of Lourdes was put. (Source: Természetbará