DCF 1.0Zirc
Zirc is a little town hidden in the heart of High Bakony Mountain with around 7500 inhabitants. With its 400-metre height above the sea-level, it is one of the cities situated on the highest place in Hungary. The town is crossed by the main road number 82 which connects Veszprém with Győr.

A lot of public footpaths help travellers to discover forests, clearings, streambeds, fields of Bakony Mountain on foot, by bicycle or by horse.We recommend them in our ’For walkers’ menu-item where they can choose among our favourite destinations. :).

Apátság1Cistercian Abbey of Zirc
The present buildings of the Abbey of Zirc –founded in 1182- were built in more phases from the 18th century to the first half of the 20th century.
Thanks to the new Széchenyi Plan, this complex is being renewed from around 400 million forints. The renewal of the main facade was completed in the recent past. The other parts of the project are: rebuilding the garden in front of the complex and creating a visitors’ centre.

arboretumArboretum of Zirc
In this arboretum-situated on 400 metres above the sea-level- visitors can enjoy richness in colours and shapes of nearly 600 trees and bushes, including the old trees of planting from 1780.Half of the plant-species –which can be seen here- generally can be found in Bakony Mountain, the other 40% is known from Cuha-valley.The oldest simple pine trees of Hungary can be found among the planted 70 coniferous species. In spring, the’ flowercarpet’- consisted of ex-situ protected soft-stem species- is especially beautiful and can be seen on both banks of the stream.

bakonyi_termeszettudományi_muzeum2Bakony Science Museum
Collections of Bakony Science Museum have a more- hundred – year old past. Scientific research of Bakony Mountain –called ”Natural picture of Bakony”- has been going on since 1962 with participation of permanent and temporary staff. Its results: geological, botanical and zoological material- collected during decades- are presented at a permanent exhibition.

Könyvtár_kicsiReguly Antal Historic Library
This library is the central collection of Cistercian order. Its stock was continuously enlarged during the centuries surviving wars and other difficulties. It reflects the requirements (according to topics) of this teaching holy order. Besides theology , history, literature, sciences but auxiliary sciences are also represented.

EN_si_bringarenaSkiarena/Bike-Arena, Eplény
You can also ski in Bakony Mountain!
5 kilometres from our inn in Eplény, as soon as it is frozen,’ snow-cannonade’ starts, thanks to it ,in winter for more months you can ski on the increasing ski slope-system of Skiarena where beginners and advanced can also find suitable ski slopes for themselves. On the spot there can be found the only 4-seat lift in Hungary, some restaurants and you can borrow skis and hire a trainer/instructor. This complex in summer works as a hikers’ centre(Bringaréna).
Homepage Skiarena / Bike-Arena

veszpremi var oszVeszprém
One of the most beautiful cities in Hungary, 20 kilometres from Zirc!
It would be difficult to summarize sights of our county-capital. Some of them- without claim of completeness: Veszprém Castle, Zoo, Gulya-hill, Betekints-valley, Viadukt(Valley-bridge), Love-island, monasteries and gardens under the castle, museums: House of Arts, Hungarian Construction Museum, Tegularium, Laczkó Dezső Museum, Bakony House. All the year round, this city is the host of some internationally famous cultural and sport events.

We are lucky to say that the shore of Lake Balaton is also close to us . The ’Hungarian sea’ can be reached by car from Zirc during 30-35 minutes. Besides the wonderful view, in summer we can sunbathe on the high-quality beaches , in the evenings- as a „let-off-steams”, we can spend our time at wine festivals and any other cultural events. We recommend everybody with all our heart –independently of season- a boat trip on the lake, a pleasant walk in Tagore Promenade in Balatonfüred and a hiking in Tihany.